Students take to streets to protest against fee rises

Hundreds of students gathered in Oxford this afternoon to demonstrate against planned rises in university tuition fees.

The protest had originally been planned to coincide with the visit of Business Secretary Vince Cable. Cable pulled out of a seminar at Exam Schools yesterday, but the demonstration went ahead as planned.

OUSU council voted yesterday to officially support the protest against the findings of the Browne Review.

In a change to the original route along High Street and past Exam Schools, demonstrators marched from Broad Street to the Rad Cam, before listening to speeches from a member of the City Council and a member of the NUS exec.

But later, after police attempted to stop protesters returning along Cornmarket Street, a few hundred students marched to Exam Schools, stopping rush-hour traffic.

One student at the protest said: “I wouldn’t have been able to go to Oxford if the fees were what the government is proposing.”

An OUSU officer urged demonstrators to join students from across the country in protesting in London on November 10th. “It’s fantastic to see so many people here,” she said.

Students working in Brasenose library seemed unimpressed by the disruption the protesters caused, holding pieces of paper out of the window with “More Cuts” scrawled across in large letters.

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  1. brett chandler

    29th October 2010 at 10:32

    howz bout

    ‘up with cuts’

    just a thought…

    ‘more cuts’

    bnc known for its atavistic conservatism outshone only by their sentiments of vilence…


  2. Comment

    29th October 2010 at 14:01

    One student at the protest said: “I wouldn’t have been able to go to Oxford if the fees were what the government is proposing.”

    The government haven’t proposed any fees yet. Geez, how many people at the protest actually understood government policy? Idiots.

  3. Mr X

    29th October 2010 at 14:03

    Agreed. I agree with the Browne Review, it will redistribute finance to the poorest students and will put HE on a sound financial footing.

    All you need to do is e-mail with your name and college and explain that you wish to disaffiliate. Remember, we are all individual members. If we all leave we can make our voice heard.

  4. Timmy Johnson

    29th October 2010 at 14:08

    I’ve disaffiliated as a result…it’s a disgrace. Why does OUSU think that it has the right to mouth off in my name about what’s good for Higher Education.

    We inherited a £155bn deficit from the last government. Higher education has expanded beyond a sustainable level with the last government. But no…OUSU won’t criticise the causes of these cuts. Why? Because Mr Barclay is a member of the Labour Party!!!

  5. anthony dawe

    29th October 2010 at 17:35

    Does the Funge’s remit extend to the Rad Square under Section 44?

    just wondering…

  6. anthony dawe

    30th October 2010 at 11:42

    here IS an irony or maybe approp circumstance

    one old ‘film tool’ of the cold war is now being entertained by one whom is quite possibly the son of the ‘fifth man’

    oui, c’est vrai

    ppe students take note;

    ‘make love not war’

  7. L Navis

    31st October 2010 at 15:32

    Those students such as Mr X really should calmly read the Browne Review, and do some sums. This is one of the few issues on which the NUS and Universities UK have ever agreed (the latter represents the HEIs). Browne’s proposals would create much higher fees, and would reduce revenue for Universities simultaneously. “Poor” students would not receive sufficient help. Mr X suggests that if you disagree with a democratic organisation such as your Student Union (i.e. you find yourself in the minority), you should disaffiliate. As he is about to find himself in disagreement with the University, does he plan to send himself down?

  8. anthony dawe

    1st November 2010 at 02:39

    L Navis: yer… next time he moans about the price of zone one tube travel he should deport hisself too, or at least have Bojo mandatorily fine him for questioning the diktat from the old mayor…

    hey, the other rag … the old staid boring one has a piccie of one actor:

    Tom Nowy

    farthest to the left with head held quite bashfully down toward the camera

    makes a change alright… not so sure though if him… hard to tell with so many clothes on… maybe same uniform as in ‘Policemen Who Do A…”

    i reckon at least…

  9. 'Q'

    8th November 2010 at 14:08

    some secret super-spy suggestions for your ‘uprising’ placards


    ‘Where’s my 60 bucks, DC’s’
    (-the ‘Candlemaker’)

    ‘up with cuts’
    (the Cia’s via ‘Oscar’s’ suggestion)

    ‘Lite’some Candles- Fund our Jocks
    (OUCC and the Scottish Office of Foreign Affairs)

    ‘Direct Rule Now’
    (leaked despatch from St. James’ Palace via the Grand Old Duke of Yorks Office, who adds he would ‘march em up and march em down’ to work off their fat of the unmentionable outback)

    ‘I Like Liz’
    (letter recently found in the US President’s desk dating form the Eisenhower era)

    ‘Jacobites Rule UK OK’
    (Daily Mail collaborating with the Fife Fishwife’s Herald)

    ‘Let them eat Jaffa Cakes’
    (reputed to the 7th in line to the ‘other’ Scottish line of descent semaphored by an officer of the now merged USA Signal Corps)

    ‘Say it like you mean it’- Nick.
    (apparently the Tory ‘whip’ according to French ‘Intel’)

    just some thoughts…

    and NO vilence, saith the Funge.

    oh and:

    ‘Izzy plays guitar’
    (ain’t nuttin like an English Rose)

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