Corpus bans OUCA

Corpus Christi’s Dean has banned students from holding Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) events indefinitely.

In an Email sent to the JCR and MCR on the 9th November, Dr. Rob in Murphy told students: “As part of my investigations into recent events involving guests brought into college we are now prepared to deny Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) permission to book or use any college facility or room for any OUCA related activity.”

“If permission has previously been granted for an event in the future, this permission is rescinded. The ban starts immediately and will run indefinitely,” he added.

The ban follows allegations of anti- Semitism and cronyism revealed by the Oxford Student last week, which attracted national press attention.

JCR President Jack Evans said: “This decision… is a reflection on how equal opportunities are central to the College. “



  1. Ronald Syme

    11th November 2011 at 15:03

    It’s bad enough having all of this rubbish STILL being peddled a week after everyone has seen that it’s all bollocks, but could Mr. Rothwell PLEASE try and go one article without a typo?

    Is that so much to ask?


    11th November 2011 at 16:24

    Surely if the allegations have been backed up by photographic/video evidence (source – Telegraph), the University is holding a formal investigation (source – daily mail) and an Oxford University Dean has banned these odious people from darkening his college’s door then it is not “rubbish” at all.

    That said, the typo did make me giggle.

  3. Joe Mooney

    11th November 2011 at 20:32

    ConservatiON Society seriously??

  4. Student

    14th November 2011 at 12:20

    If the university is holding an investigation surely corpus should wait until after the investigation is finished before issuing punishments – otherwise what’s the point of holding an investigation?

    Also, as the photos taken in corpus are of students who are ouca members but not at ouca events banning the events is completely pointless!

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