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Controversy over visit of Rwandan President

Meeting with the President of Rwanda.Unease has been expressed concerning a scheduled visit of Rwandan president Paul Kagame to the Säid Business School, in light of numerous allegations accusing him of human rights violations.

Mr Kagame is due to arrive in Oxford on Friday 18th May, when he will deliver a keynote address in the Oxford Africa Business Conference as well as being awarded the inaugural Distinction of Honour for African Growth Award.

The decision to give Mr Kagame this award in light the recent allegations has been questioned by a number of academics and students, who have started a campaign calling for the Säid Business School to cancel their engagement with him.

The Oxford Africa Business Conference is a student led organization and the decision to award Kagame the honour was taken by students of the Business School.

Salvator Cusimano, an M.Sc candidate in Refugee studies and leader of the campaign against Mr Kagame’s visit, commented: “As it stands, the University will appear to condone Mr. Kagame’s actions at a time when even the governments of the United States and the UK – Rwanda’s staunchest allies – have distanced themselves from Mr. Kagame and his government.

“As members of the Oxford community, we have a responsibility to use our influence to reverse the Business School’s serious error of judgment.

“We have a unique opportunity to promote human rights and defend our University’s reputation, and we must act. “

The campaign has sent a letter to the Dean of the Business School, the Vice-Chancellor of the University as well as the head of the African Studies Centre detailing why the visit should be cancelled, and has started an e-petition which has received over 260 signatures in its first 24 hours.

The Säid Business School has commented “We prize open discussion and in line with the University’s Freedom of Speech policy the students have invited President Kagame to speak and there will be the opportunity for those present to challenge him as appropriate.

“We are aware that President Kagame is a controversial figure and his presence here implies no endorsement of his views or actions. We have taken the view that it’s appropriate to ask him to address any issues that are put to him from a platform in Oxford.”

The controversy surrounding Kagame stems from the accusation that he has silenced opposition politicians and journalists support for rebels in DMC including the paramilitary M23 movement, and illegal exploitation of Congolese resources.

Dominic Burridge, a DPhil Candidate from Oriel College, commented: “The proposal from the Säid Business School to give a Distinction of Honor for African Growth Award to Paul Kagame cannot fall under the criticism of endorsing human rights violations per se because it is making an economic assessment only.

“In this way, the decision errs on the side of a greater tragedy. It is a categorical statement that, in Africa, economics should matter more than society and ethics, and that those who have been accused of brutalising regions through natural resource greed should be decorated as economic leaders.”

The conference website has ignored the controversies surrounding Kagame, and instead focused on some of the successes of his presidency, including the reconciliation after the Rwandan genocide and relatively strong growth in GDP.

As a result they have feted that Kagame’s presidency has “set Rwanda on its current course towards reconciliation, nation building and socioeconomic development.”

A letter delivered to the Säid Business School the campaign has argued: “Mr. Kagame’s Rwanda bears several disturbing similarities to Rwanda under the genocidal government.

“Reconciliation appears superficial: despite a law prohibiting speech with ethnic content – known as genocide ideology – the ethnic tensions that fuelled genocide in 1994 seem alive beneath the surface.”

Amongst the supporters of the campaign are a number of academics and students.  One academic said that is “concerning” that the conference organisers  have invited Kagame to the Säid Business School given the ongoing dispute concerning his human rights record in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

Mr Kagame took office in 2000, after spending six years as Vice President in the years immediately after the Rwandan genocide, before winning democratic elections for the presidency in 2003 and 2010.



  1. Didas Gasana

    16th May 2013 at 21:57

    Scott, u must be very strong willed to engage some of the people am seeing here. I gather they are switching the language to confuse you! Either way, you are doing a good job. Those defending this megalomaniac zealot whose self pre-occupation is self perpetuation in power are not new in our society. Every regime has people who have a vested interest in supporting it, same applies to our serial killer and mass murderer Paul Kagame. Mussolin had some, same case to Hitler or Saddam. History is on your side, keep up the fight.

  2. Scott Bihl

    16th May 2013 at 21:58

    @ Tina, I would never want to reach that low….

  3. Aimable

    16th May 2013 at 22:17

    I totally agree with you Didas!

  4. Tina

    17th May 2013 at 00:18

    @Didas: Joining the party this late?! lol !! See you all in London!

  5. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 00:27

    Does anyone know where Rwanda Day is happening? Doesn’t appear to be a listing for where it is….

  6. Tina

    17th May 2013 at 00:39

    Of course! “RwandaFull weekend” will take place in ” RWANDAN THANKFUL HEARTS” ~ If you have one (a heart), then you know where Rwanda Day will be held @!

  7. Tina

    17th May 2013 at 00:42

  8. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 02:38

    Tina, Ah, I see…thanks for telling me!

  9. Enock Safari Buhendwa

    17th May 2013 at 03:10

    @Largo! By the way what type of name is that?
    It is only to a killer to hail another killer. I don’t know your relationship with Kagame, but you seem to ignore so much. You and Kagame should go ahead and kill as many as you can, but let me warn you: one day you will have to pay. Economic growth you are repeatedly so obsessed about up to the level you have to kill Congolese villagers will not cleanse you from crimes.

  10. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 06:16

    The so called scott this a total failure and your likes he gonna make key note address to the friends of Rwanda and the the world. scott your postures has no comparative research on political and legal aspect.

  11. Largo

    17th May 2013 at 07:21

    Enoch or not Enoch I care very little who you are really…why on earth do you question my name? I never questioned why you are called Buhendwa, it is not the best surname either! Back to our business. Days dealt with you, I guess and so you expect every one to be like you! You are where you are today because of your past and you are cursing Rwanda’s leadership because you cannot stand seeing it rising from ashes, where you probably want it to remain. It is a paradigm fixed in your mind. I can tell you something, I came out of corpses, I came from a burning fire where mine perished, I rose from a pit where hundreds were buried, I survived bullets, machettes, grenades and hunger, and I stood it. I stood the test of time to see my country on the path to dignity today. I survived many times and finally today I am living a decent life. I survived to tell the true story and I speak it candidly out of my heart. That is who I am and that is the meaning of my name. I could ask you who you are but I am not tempted to do so, you and your likes, I met hundreds of them in my life and I got fed up. Ntuntege iminsi, si wowe Mana! Nubundi ku bwawe sinakabayeho… unfortunately for you, I am living and I shall live despite your evil prophecies.

  12. Largo

    17th May 2013 at 08:13

    See who is next visiting Rwanda and will sit and share with who you call a killer, a monster and a criminal…and concede that your hatred has overshadowed your mind:


  13. BK Kumbi

    17th May 2013 at 11:30

    Largo don’t try to come here with the victim trick, just speak facts. As a Congolese woman, I am concerned by the fact that Rwanda makes nearly 240 million turnover from exporting coltan when we know that its soil does not contain this mineral. Instead we do know that 65 to 80% of the world’s coltan are in DRC. The UN Mapping report has shown how Rwanda destabilises DRC and plunders the country. There is a clear relation between mineral plundering in the Congo and the proxy militias sent by Rwandan government. Knowing that Rwanda mostly sell coffee and tea, how can you explain that this country is the first world exporter of coltan? Rwandan economic wonder is based on the murder of 8 million Congolese and that’s a fact. Some of them like you Largo had to find their way out of corpses. So whose suffering is more legitimate? Are we going to play the 800 000 Tutsis against the 8 000 000 Congolese, is it really what you are looking for? As you asked the world to punish those who were guilty of murdering people in Rwanda, the same way we Congolese ask that the criminals who have set terror in our country be punished. The problem for you is that one of the responsibles happens to be your president. Paul Kagme is not a leader, he is just a criminal, a criminal who has to be judged in front of an International Criminal Court. You can defend him as much as you want, but the time will come, where you and your president will be held accountable for the desolation he spreads in the Great Lake Region and for the support you give him today. Moreover, he is just a small players as when the US, Great Britain, Belgium who support him today will have enough of him, he will end as many African dictators: a nothing.

  14. Magnus

    17th May 2013 at 11:46

    Kumbi, you are playing the same game. You are trying falsely to accuse Rwanda for your misery. First..you are ignorant about coltan.Rwanda has coltan deposits in the northern province, scientifically proven. You dont want ro be like a Soudi claiming they are the only one’s with oil.

  15. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 13:02

    Kagabotom-show me your proof I am wrong. I see nothing but opinion here.
    Largo-Your point is? Presidents have visited repressive regimes all thethe time. It’s calles diplomacy and for all you know or I know Obama may be taking PK to the woodshed to spank him.
    Magnus- It may be true Rwanda has coltan deposits but can you show statistics on what haa been mined versus what has been shipped?
    Rwanda’s mining sector is supposedly growing 30% per year. That is absurd, given the small deposits discovered
    Show us facts.

  16. Isangano INES Ruhengeri

    17th May 2013 at 13:42

    Many People in UK and US do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. The proofs is that Tony Blair, Susan Rice, Raymond Chrétien, Jean Chrétien, Bernard Kouchner, Louise Arbour, Rick Warren, and many other from the Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo.

    A better think is that many courageous people such as Keith Harmon Snow, Anne Garrison, Christopher (Chris) Black, Herman and Peterson ,David Katz Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam, Keith Harmon Jones, Scott, Salvator Cusimano and many others are doing a great job in telling the true truth to what happened and happening in Rwanda.

    Mwumve ukuri mwa ntore mwe mwo kwiha Scott mukeka ko ariwe uri kubasubiza. twe turi abanyarwanda kandi Umunyagitugu Kagame tuzamurwanya kugeza arundutse

  17. Isangano-ARRDC

    17th May 2013 at 13:50

    Open letter: Call to all Students and Teachers to oppose the visit President Kagame to the Oxford University on May 18, 2013

    Dear Students and Teachers at University of Oxford,
    Dear Students members of the Oxford Business Network for Africa,

    It is with sadness that our organizations the Alliance of Rwandans for Revolution and Democratic Change (ISANGANO-ARRDC) and the Democratic Union for Federalism in Rwanda (UDFR-Ihamye), two political parties formed by the New Generation of politicians and activists for democracy in Rwanda, have learnt that Oxford University, one of the leading universities in the World has invited the current President of Rwanda Mr Kagame to address the audience at the university of Oxford and be awarded with the Distinction of Honor for African Growth on May 18, 2013. Being aware of that, we write you this open letter to request you to oppose Kagame entering your school.
    Dear Students and Teachers,

    TIME HAS COME for British and Americans to know that Kagame is in fact dangerous to the American and British interests in the Great Lakes Region!
    For two decades, Kagame and his tiny clique of RFP have been able to manipulate the People from Western/developed countries. Kagame’s lies are beyond all facts of imagination at the extent of hiring well recognized West academicians and journalists to cover-up Kagame and RPF crimes and to propagate big lies on foreign investments in Rwanda.

    Unfortunately, many People from Western countries do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of General Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. One of the obvious proofs is that some People from Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo. In other terms, many influential People from Western countries with high interests in Africa have preferred to close their eyes and ears as long as their corporations get Coltan and other precious minerals tainted with the blood of innocent Congolese people. What a shame!

    In modern society, economic progress and democracy are twin inseparable concepts. However, for Gen Kagame, the concept of democracy is the worst thing that has no place in Rwanda. Several impartial organizations such as Human Right Watch, Amnesty International have been incessantly reporting on the fact that the political space has been closed to the opposition leaders. His Government has developed a dangerous strategy to eliminate all political opponents irrespective of their ethnicity backgrounds (Tutsi or Hutu). Any Hutu with opposing political opinions is considered as “genocidaire” while all Tutsi who have recently fled the country due to oppression and death threats, especially those who have served in Kagame’s government, are easily charged of corruption. The RPF clique has installed a military dictatorship that has established a climate of fear. Threats, intimidation, torture, persecution, and killing are used by Kagame’s secret security services to eliminate any journalists and any other person with political opinions opposing those of the RPF. Given so many documented instances of the suppression of democracy and power sharing in Rwanda, even the so-called economic progress of Kagame is useless.
    Contrary to what a number of Kagame fans make Westerners believe that Gen Kagame should be referred to as a model or an enabler for Africa’s socioeconomic transformation, he should in fact be remembered as a killer without borders. Indeed, he is a man who should be arrested and transferred to the International Criminal Court. Although Gen Kagame is backed by some influential persons in the UK, US, Belgium, Israel, Canada, etc., there is huge evidence of numerous cases of violation of international laws and commission of massive war crimes and genocide against both Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No doubt, if Kagame’s time to appear in front of a competent international court, those People from Western/developed countries backing Kagame’s crimes will have to be charged of complicity in acts of terrorism, wars of aggression, crimes against humanity and genocidal campaigns.
    All said, it is high time People from Western/developed countries should TURN the page and open their eyes to the crimes being perpetrated in the Great Lakes Region of Africa in favour of the interests of a small group of Rwandans and SOME nationals of powerful countries.
    We pledge to anyone who espouses the principles of democracy and the universal human rights to contribute to all efforts aimed at stabilizing the Great Lakes Region to allow the inhabitants enjoy their peace and human rights. The New Generation of Rwandan politicians are dedicated to that aim and are able to reach it provided moral and material support from all of you with a great love of peace, justice and democracy.
    Let there be strong and sustainable political, democratic and economic changes in Rwanda and in the Region!

    Dear Students and Teachers,
    We humbly request all Oxford University community and in particular the members of association ‘Oxford Business Network for Africa’ cancel any engagement with Gen Kagame and his RPF. The members of ISANGANO-ARRDC and UDFR-Ihamye wish to express their gratitude for your assistance of protection of your school’s reputation by stopping Kagame entering the Oxford University.

    Jean Marie V. MINANI
    Contacts: isangano.arrdc@gmail.com, http://www.isanganoarrdc.org , Tel:00491746296681

    Boniface HITIMANA
    Chairman UDFR-Ihamye
    Contacts UDFR-Ihamye: udfrihamye@yahoo.fr , Tel:0033760564949

    o Professor Andrew Hamilton
    Vice Chancellor University of Oxford
    Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2JD
    United Kingdom

    o Professor Peter Tufano
    Dean- Saïd Business School
    Park End Street Oxford OX1 1HP
    United Kingdom

  18. Enock Safari Buhendwa

    17th May 2013 at 14:07

    Largo, I am so sorry to hear what you passed through. Thanks to God who protected you. I only wish you could believe that I passed through the same even more,… and guess what, up to now I don’t live a life like yours because Kagame is still hunting me, he is so thirsty for my blood. Could you please tell him to let me survive? Saying that Rwanda is progressing means less to me while your progress serves to empower you more to attempt to kill me and mines. I have no hatred against anybody, all I want is just justice. I want you to live but I want to live as well. I am glad you have a decent life, why wouldn’t you let me have same? I have been asking same questions for more than 18 years and in response I get more shootings,…why? I have no choice but to stand up and fight back because I have nothing to lose anymore.

  19. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 14:57

    scott kigali of today is quite different from that of 1994 ,every year there is oganised state visit by Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living abroad it is called umushyikirano so your invited to navigate infrastructure devt in Rwanda including trading facilities . Hope we meet in Kigali for the debate.

  20. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 15:02

    Yes, Kigali is better today, but Kigali is not Rwanda. It is for elites.
    If there is so much development in the country and boosts to the general populace, why are, as the Ugandan government proclaimed “economic refugees” running to Uganda? The shipped back over 3,000 a few years ago. If they are not economic refugees, but political ones, that also does not bode well for Rwanda.
    There are confirmed reports of DMI operatives in the refugee camps- why, if Rwanda is a paradise?

  21. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 15:23

    By March 28, 1994 when all other parties to the Arusha Process agreed all conditions had been met, the RPF was the only entity that refused to agree to the power- sharing agreement, which was opposed to State Department policy.
    However, from the point of view of the RPF military, this made very
    good sense, if the RFP agreed to share power despite their
    military superiority, the war waged for the past four years would have been for naught.

    . Dallaire was very candid in his September 1993 Reconn Report
    to New York, that RPF military superiority made eventual victory inevitable. He also made clear that Kagame would never agree to
    the several ceasefires requested by the Rwandan Government Forces which would allow them to withdraw combat troops from the front to put down civilian massacres taking place behind their

    Dallaire admitted in ICTR testimony that, even with 5,000 UN troops it would not have been possible to defend against the RPF and stop the civilian massacres at the same time. By March 30, 1994, the Gendarmerie was so disabled by the war, it was incapable of keeping normal law and order in peacetime.

    Well documented RPF Mass Crimes Continue…Today.

    In 1996 and 1998 Rwandan and Ugandan armies invaded the Congo, ostensibly to root out “genocidaires” who were living among refugees, based on the “myth” propagated by the Kagame
    regime that, to be a Hutu or Kagame’s opponent is to be a “genocidaire.”
    These wars involved all of the surrounding states and set-off a scramble for resources and regional power that have come to
    be called the first “World War of Africa”, about which much as been written.
    The first invasion displaced millions and replaced the francophonie
    Mobutu regime with Rwanda/Uganda backed
    Laurent Kabila, who was assassinated in 2000, and replaced
    by his son Joseph Kabila.
    Rwanda and Uganda have occupied the eastern Congo and have melded the economy into their own, according to former G.W. Bush Africa hand Herman Cohn who advocates for the break up
    of the Congo.

    RPF impunity at the ICTR and the ICC continues despite UN Security Council commissioned expert reports of 2001, 200, 2003,
    December 2008 that outline the resource rape of the Congo by
    specifically identified Rwandan and Ugandan elites, close to President Kagame of Rwanda and President
    Museveni of Uganda.

    A 600 page report, originally leaked to LeMonde and the New York Times, and later released by the UN High Commission for Human Rights on October 1, 2010, documents crimes committed by RPF troops in the Congo between 1993-2003.
    The UNCHR “Mapping Report” discusses not only illegal exploitation of resources but also the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and “genocide against Hutus” by the RPF,
    just across the border from Rwanda.

    A report with confirms the “excess deaths” related to the
    U.S supported Rwandan/Ugandan invasions and occupation of the Congo of some 6 to 10 million souls. And, creates the anomalous image of an army stopping a “genocide” on one side of a border, and perpetrating a “genocide” on the other side of the same border in 1994.

    On October 1, 2011, Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa M.D., the former General Secretary of the RPF, Chief of Staff of President Paul Kagame and Rwandan Ambassador to the U.S. took a brave step by confessing to participating in the cover- up of Kagame’s assassination of Presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira.

    But still, no one in the RPF has ever been held accountable for
    these crimes at the ICTR, or in the International Criminal Court [ICC].

  22. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 15:32

    UNAMIR Force Commander General Roméo Dallaire wrote in an April 13, 1994 cable more than a week after the Presidential assassinations that were the immediate trigger of the mass violence that swept Rwanda that the military could have staged a coup after the assassination of President Habyarimana, but did NOT do so.

    And, the UN Office of Legal Affairs went even farther in a May 25, 1994 Legal Opinion which acknowledged that the post-Habyarimana government, established on April 8, 1994, was the lawful successor government properly constituted under the 1992 Rwandan Constitution, rather
    than the product of a “coup”.

    Dr. Rudasingwa’s October 1, 2011 confirmation of Kagame’s authorship of the assassinations confirms that the event that “triggered” the Rwandan genocide was not part of a “long-planned conspiracy to kill Tutsi by Hutu genocidaires,” upon which the Kagame/RPF foundation myth has been based.
    In reality the mass violence that swept Rwanda was a predicted reaction to the breach of the unstable ceasefire which brought to a head: mass population displacement; deep-seated fear of a re-establishment of Tutsi authoritarianism in both Burundi and Rwanda; the relentless advance of RPA troops, which the Rwandan military and gendarmerie were powerless to prevent; and multiple other factors; including, local leaders grabbing power; score-settling and thievery, attacking Tutsi because of their ethnic connection to the RPF invaders; attacking Hutu because of their ethnic connection to the Rwandan government; and even attacking francophone Tutsi believed to be collaborators with the Rwandan government by the RPF.

  23. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 17:23

    scott your endless match that you know your score point as a looser game is quite absurd, Rwanda is safest country to live on this planet according to the recent reports Rwanda is the safest country to live in Africa, the latest report by Gallup Poll shows.
    The Global States of Mind: New Metrics for World Leaders report says Rwanda tops the list of countries where citizens are most likely to feel safe, at 92 per cent.

  24. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 17:28

    Thanks for the personal attack! You say Rwanda is safe? For who? Not people who oppose the regime. And Germany was quite safe in the 1930’s and early 40’s- as was East Germany during the Stazi years. And how was the poll done? Who were it’s constituents? Gallup is a US company and I’m sure does not have many Kinyarwandan speakers, so who translated answers? who looked over the shoulders of those making the remarks? Numbers cannot tell the whole story. You know that. Keep trying.

  25. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 17:50

    The UK Rwandan Diaspora and friends of Rwanda look forward to to the presence of mr Kagame tomorrow at Rwanda Day UK , economic growth in Rwanda.

  26. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 19:56

    Isangano INES Ruhengeri, ibyo uvuze ni ukuri. Abantu nka ba kagabotom ni ba rusahuriramunduru, mbese ba mpemukendamuke. Icyo bashyira ibere ni ubuhemu, bo bakarengwa hejuru y’agahinda n’imiborogo y’abana b’u Rwanda. Ariko bibuke ko Rukarabankaba ari nka Sekibi. Umukunzi w’impyisi nawe iramurya.

  27. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 20:51

    scott iam based in Italy but If i was a referee like KORINA I would have given you a red card and yr likes for poor critique and childish analysis for ant- human devt .

  28. kagabotom

    17th May 2013 at 20:57

    But do see how genocide ideology of the (scott) is it like a kettle full of steam water in the process of evaporation just evaporate your ideology the kettle will remain without water and then rust while forming scrap..

  29. Scott Bihl

    17th May 2013 at 21:22

    Kagabotom; Please define “genocide ideology”.

  30. Ryn

    18th May 2013 at 07:20

    wooo.Rwanda day london.
    Learning about Rwanda’s progress towards socio-economic transformation and the role of Rwandans Abroad in shaping Rwanda’s future
    Strengthening networks between Rwandans and friends of Rwanda across the world Presenting business, investment, career and other opportunities to Rwandans and friends of Rwanda around the world.

  31. Scott Bihl

    18th May 2013 at 12:53

    In an interview with BBC GreatLakes, Ambassador NKURUNZIZA refused to divulge to the public the venue. He said, “Only invited people are to know about the venue”. If it is a Rwanda day why to conceal?

  32. norbertmbu

    18th May 2013 at 19:41

    OK by the way… My Name is Mr Norbert MBU-MPUTU. I am a journalist and writer living in Wales. I was at St Andrews University last month for a conference and how could I be invited at the same Business School for a talk: “The Congo crisis: beyond the Rwanda genocide narrative or how to work for the Great Lakes region peace process?”… norbertmbu@yahoo.fr; 07985214386… Could the student online magazine or any other person help us to organise it?… The subject could be changed… It is important for us to share the Congolese narrative also… Thanks to help us…

  33. Scott Bihl

    18th May 2013 at 19:53

    Mr MBU-MPUTU, The business school may have only ever looked at, or considered important, Excel spreadsheets reflecting Rwanda’s growth, but the RPF and PK have been doing double bookkeeping for years. True, the economic NUMBERS look good, but that is only part of the story. Much of that development wealth has been on the backs of Congolese since the mid 90’s when the RPF went in and systematically killed anyone, particularly Hutu, who were in their path.
    To only talk of economics without human rights and atrocities done in the pursuit of wealth as well, the numbers are a hollow shell and only look good to distant investors who only care about ROI.

  34. saari

    18th May 2013 at 23:42

    is this what you call oxford???hahahaha…the only thing i can say is if you think oxford is about economy just leave it for economy if it s for politic leave it forpolitic but if one of the best universities that i was estimating itself in such a way…i would to bein the poorest university in the world than oxford and if you doubt ask me why

  35. Scott Bihl

    19th May 2013 at 02:23

    Kagame must have been seriously shaken in London.

    Kagame must really have been unaware that it was going to be like that…I feel sorry for the peoples who were in charge of arranging this latest trip in England….

  36. Scott Bihl

    19th May 2013 at 02:25

    Kagame must have been seriously shaken in London.

    Kagame must really have been unaware that it was going to be like that…I feel sorry for the peoples who were in charge of arranging this latest trip in England….
    http://www DOT youtube.com/watch?v=CP3-UyXmMcI

  37. Anonymous

    20th May 2013 at 12:12


  38. Scott Bihl

    20th May 2013 at 14:32

    Post your comments in English for all the people to see. Do not hide under Kinyarwanda. The best disinfectant is sunshine, so said a famous US judge…

  39. kagabotom

    22nd May 2013 at 05:47

    scott Rwanda day was well organised and friends of Rwanda appreciated and congs to oxford University.

  40. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney

    22nd May 2013 at 07:12

    Thanks Mr Kagabo, indeed Rwanda Day was very well organised in its all aspects , Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from Kigali , all over the EU , UK and US attended with a very high turn up and full of moral, happy to meeting each other and listen to different inspiring speeches , Q&A session etc……..

    Thanks very much to Oxford University for an event well organised and the Award given to HE Paul Kagame, you will never be disappointed as the Better are yet to come; thanks also for the very important job you are doing by providing Best knowledge to the youth for their brighter future;

    We are satisfied as Rwandans and have to leave these useless people ,endless empty drums that create noise without purpose, and let’s us keep momentum the better is yet to come

    Congs to the Government of Rwanda and live longer to HE Paul Kagame and RPF ideology that inspires the sustainable socio and economic development of This beautiful Country

    We are the Winner

  41. Scott Bihl

    22nd May 2013 at 14:36

    Gatabazi, you win nothing…Your fear of my comments only proves how scared you are of what I say that you cannot help but to reply. The more you reply and draw attention to the controversy, and the ability for people to see your tactics only proves MY case….Time is ticking….

  42. norbertmbu

    22nd May 2013 at 15:18

    Really, I have nothing against inviting President Kagame. But, was it a victory?… I don’t think so, especially while the guests were welcomed with a paper that he was not invited by the University and that the event has nothing to do with any official view… If I was President Kagame, I would really cancel my attendance… And also, what is making me again ashamed (I believe that students would repair the mistake): we know the wise proverb. Till when lions will have their own story tellers, the story of the hunting will be on the advantage of the hunter. And, because this invitation raised a concern, could the same students on the same platform, to invite another person with the opposite view so that it could help them to make a real good opinion?…
    And, in Central Africa we know that we got, years, some powerful persons in power and we know how they finished… Could we help, with our criticisms and wise advice, for president Paul Kagame to avoid finishing his life like those Mobutu for example?…
    Of course, Rwanda needs to struggle with the very difficult post-genocide stories. We need to assist them. We need to support even to learn from the economic boom of Rwamda, if there is any economic boom. But, will this make us closing our eyes to what happened in Congo, especially as the last UN report documented the Rwanda involvement in the Congo chaotic situation?…
    Because we seem to be academicians, let’s have an academic approach of the matter…
    Could the same student organise such meeting or conference if they believe that there is nothing to hide?

  43. Scott Bihl

    22nd May 2013 at 16:07

    Dear norbertmbu,
    Thank you for such a calm and reasoned reply! I would look forward to a debate of the real issues- particularly Congo- but I would not hold your breath. That is not the Kagame/RPF way.
    If the Rwandan government wishes to define it’s policies and actions clearly, this would be a great way to do it. I know many people who would take the other side- most all of which have been called “genocide deniers” or promoting “genocide ideology”- which the government itself cannot decide what it is…Let us see what the GoR says….

  44. Scott

    20th July 2014 at 23:36

    Largo, it took you a year to get back to me? Haaaa haaa!

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