Oldie of The Week: ‘Rip It Up’, Little Richard (1956)

Anna Bleker

Oldie of The Week 28/04/17: ‘Rip It Up’ (1956)

The optimism of this Little Richard classic hits the spot this week. As student loans pour into bank accounts, some of you might have decided that this term you’ll finally start making those ‘financially responsible’ decisions that concerned parents and holier-than-thou strangers on the internet have been going on about. In that case, a healthy dose of hedonism might be just the test your resolve needs right now. And the rest of us can just revel in ‘Rip It Up’’s unapologetic sense of fun, and that gloriously bouncy rhythm that early rock does best:

“Well, it’s Saturday night and I just got paid,
Fool about my money, don’t try to save,
My heart says go go, have a time,
‘Cause it’s Saturday night and I’m feelin’ fine,

I’m gonna rock it up, I’m gonna rip it up”.

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