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The Oxford Student is now looking forward to assembling another great team of editors, writers, photographers, cartoonists, illustrators and filmmakers for Trinity Term!

As the largest student publication in Oxford, our print edition reaches thousands of readers every week and achieves over 100,000 online hits per month.

Working for The Oxford Student is a fantastic way to gain editorial experience, and even work with national newspapers, but it’s not just a job for those of you interested in journalism. The experience you gain on the editorial team will develop your sales, marketing, legal, editing and team skills, which are highly transferable to any job. The Oxford Student is also held in very high esteem with graduate recruiters, and our Editorial staff are regularly invited to exclusive graduate recruitment events.

On top of all that, the atmosphere in the OxStu office is friendly and collaborative. No experience is required to join the team, and it’s a great place to meet like-minded people.

Just this term, we’ve reported on everything from Prince Charles to Peking. We’ve interviewed John Cleese, Leomie Anderson, Gina Miller and Woody Harrelson. We’ve reviewed performances, places and pieces from across Oxford and beyond.

Want to join the fun and see your work go out to thousands of Oxford readers? Apply below!

We are currently hiring editorial staff, sub-editors, photographers, illustrators, broadcasters and cartoonists. Positions are held for one term, at the end of which candidates must re-apply either for their role or another. If a candidate is unsuccessful in attaining the position they apply for, they will be able to discuss alternative options with the current editors.

Available Positions

Section Editor (Stage, Sport)


  • Lay your section (using the design software to input content)
  • Commission and manage content for section, full editorial control over content direction
  • Manage creative direction of the section in terms of design and regular features
  • Write for your section regularly

Approx. time commitment: 10 hours per week

How to apply: email with your CV and a 500-word analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the section you would like to apply for. Make sure to mention the section you’re applying for in the title of your email.

Deputy Section Editor  (News, Comment, Profile, Music, Screen, Stage, Fashion, Art & Lit, Features, Sport)


  • Upload section content to website
  • Provide regular content for section
  • Fill in for Section Editors in their absence
  • Have an important role in the creative direction of the section

Approx. time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

How to apply: email with your CV and a 300-word analysis the strengths and weaknesses of the section you would like to apply for. Make sure to mention the section you’re applying for in the title of your email.

Deadline: 23:59, Sunday 19th June


We use hundreds of original photos over a single term, including news reports, fashion shoots and commissions by culture sections, so if you have photography experience and are interested in expanding your portfolio, apply now! Due to funding restrictions, you will be required to provide your own equipment.

How to apply: email with your CV and examples of your work.

Deadline: 23:59, Sunday 19th June

Illustrators and Cartoonists:

We’re constantly on the lookout for people with artistic flair and a wry sense of humour to provide satirical and political cartoons for our publication.

How to apply: email with your CV and examples of your work.

Deadline: 23:59, Sunday 19th June

Staff Writers:

This role is perfect if writing is what you’re interested in, or if you want to test the waters and have a flexible role before making a bigger time commitment. You can conduct interviews and write on topics of your choice – or meet commissions from our section editors. If you want to be a food columnist, theatre reviewer, sports reporter or anything else beside, this is a great way to increase (or begin) your portfolio of published articles.

How to apply: fill in this form on our website.

Deadline: ongoing – you can join the team as a staff writer at any time!

Good luck, and thanks for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Claire & Lizzie, The Oxford Student

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