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Student Poetry: ‘In Memoriam’, composed in the remembrance of the Manchester bombing

In Memoriam



Is crouching looking for her lost children

Wondering whether she even had them

Knowing that she did and in the grasp of

The emptiness remembering the softness

Of their cheeks remembering                   OH

The hardness that is the emptiness but still

She holds on in the terror in the ongoing go

Go! She is going to find them wherever they


Or to discover a place and plant a seed where

They are forever to be safe, safe, and able to

Grow up again.


Where, where are you now? Where did you go?”?????

Questions we can never know. But let us not betray

Her through shouts and sirens, with fake needs or caustic

Demands, or with the endless greed of BBC webcams.

When all we can say is a lullaby. All we can give her is a

place to cry.

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