Lady Margaret Hall JCR approves motion to institute Trans Officer position

Lady Margaret Hall

On Sunday of 6th Week, the LMH JCR approved a motion to create a Trans Officer for the JCR Executive. The motion was proposed by incumbent LGBTQA Officer Pip Cull who argued that ‘Trans students face unique challenges in the college environment’ which a cisgender representative would be unqualified to deal with.

The motion noted that ‘These issues have been overlooked in the past, and that the addition of a Trans Officer would be beneficial to the inclusive environment that LMH prides itself on’. The new role ‘will cover welfare issues, as well as academic and administrative problems’.

In the previous meeting on Sunday of 4th week, the JCR voted to buy a Trans Flag to be flown by the college during the Trans Day of Remembrance and for other functions.

LMH has now joined Magdalen and Wadham which have also decided to create a Trans rep on their JCR committees.

The Trans Officer will join the JCR ‘equalities committee’ which currently consists of the LGBTQA Officer, Gender Officer, Disabilities Officer, BME Officer, International Students Officer, Faiths and Beliefs Officer and the Social Backgrounds Officer. The committee acts a point of contact between JCR members and the college and is responsible for running ‘Equalities Week’ which promotes equality and diversity through speaker and discussion events.

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