Curiouser and curiouser: Wheeldon’s Wonderland does not disappoint


It is the story we all know and love: rabbit holes, caterpillars and playing cards. Christopher Wheeldon’s new ballet brings Alice’s adventures vividly to life. Beginning with the musical ticks of multiple clocks, we are led to the normality of Alice’s family garden party where the children are being told a story by Lewis Carroll, while Alice and the gardener, Jack, share coy looks. However when a white fluffy tail bursts through the suit trousers of Lewis Carroll, Alice jumps down the rabbit hole to follow him. In Wonderland the characters at the Victorian garden party reappear in new guises. (more…)

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The student guide to London theatres on the cheap

The Christmas holidays are finally here and we students now actually have the time to squeeze in those London theatre trips we didn’t quite manage during term time. Being students, however, you probably still don’t have a lot of cash to spend on these theatre visits, but with the know-how anyone can get cut price tickets. London’s theatre scene is unrivalled with a wide array of shows so there’s something to interest everyone. Here’s a selection of the best ways to access cheaper tickets ranging from musicals to opera: (more…)


Review: Jackson & Grumitt – Planet Marmalade


“Tonight on Radio 4, the plot thickens in…The Allotment Mysteries.” Erudite wordplay and clever phrasing characterises Jackson and Grumitt’s brand new sketch show at the Burton Taylor.

Their selection of sketches ranges from the surreal to the observational, with sinister BBC2 adverts, meetings of MI6 in a Starbucks and a haughty Michelin star waiter selling a £46 jug of tap water all making an appearance. (more…)


The Anxiety of Influence: David Hare calls for new playwrights

“Theatre”, according to David Hare in  a 2011 interview with the National Theatre, “is a young people’s game”. The playwright believes that what we are currently experiencing on the stage is a rare and anomalous “historical freak” in which there are too many old dramatists dominating the world of theatre, such as Alan Bennett, Tom Stoppard, Caryl Churchill, Michael Frayn, and himself. These are writers who have been masters of their craft for over 40 years, and Hare asks the logical question: where are all the new playwrights? (more…)

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Review: The Country


Hypnotist Theatre’s latest theatrical offering The Country is a tale of underlying tensions and untold secrets. The play opens on an idyllic rural scene, but is a study of the cracks that gradually appear in this picture.


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Preview: Jackson & Grumitt: Planet Marmalade

When God created the world, for the first time, it was a bit of a disaster, although according to Jesus the current one isn’t much of an improvement. In fact it was initially made entirely out of marmalade. Jackson & Grumitt explore the world of Planet Marmalade through 17 different sketches.  Who knew that Katherine Howard was a proto-feminist and that lawnmowers were one of her first ideas? Who knew that you measured the height of pyramids in camels, or that the Pharaoh hadn’t quite thought his three-pyramid burial plan through?


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