Profile: Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen knows he’s in the right job. “I’ve always loved telly,” he confesses, before reeling off a list of the comedies, dramas and documentaries he has the opportunity to watch before they air. Despite his meteoric assent through the television industry, Cohen still has a lot of time to spend in front of the small screen. Eighteen months in the job as the Director of BBC Television has not dented Cohen’s enthusiasm: “Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.”



Profile: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry does not do print interviews. “Journalists are fucking scum,” he says, before adding amicably that we are not “quite scum yet”. “At least if you do a TV or radio interview, someone can look at you and say ‘I think he’s a bastard and I really don’t like him’, but it’s you they don’t like, not you filtered through the selective memory of a journalist.” We meet just before Fry is about to speak at the Union, and he is clearly looking forward to the chance to talk about himself without mediation.



Rising to the challenge with baking royalty Martha Collison

Excited murmurs fill the Worcester JCR. It’s charity bake sale, but people aren’t really here for the cake. Well, maybe they are, but many are also anticipating the arrival of Martha Collison, the 18-year-old who recently became the youngest ever contestant on the Great British Bake Off. Love it or hate it, it’s a show that has gripped the nation. And, perhaps surprisingly, it has gripped the younger generation in particular. (more…)

NC Ball

Behind the glitz and glamour: the reality of staging a ball

Famed for their extravagance, overflowing with drink, and remembered for years: it could only be an Oxford ball. Every year thousands of students flock to various colleges for a night of debauched entertainment and riotous fun in what is one of Oxford’s most famous traditions. As someone enjoying the ball, it can, however, be easy to forget that an enormous amount of work goes into making the night magical, and that behind the scenes a dedicated ball committee will be working hard to ensure that the evening goes with a bang, and without a glitch. I caught up with the St Hugh’s Ball President Matthew Shaw for a look at the hidden world of planning a ball… (more…)


Geir Lippestad: Defending the man behind the massacre

It seems like an ethical thought experiment, an exercise for a philosophy class – someone who has committed an atrocity of unimaginable cruelty, a despicable murderer, stands in the dock, and has requested you to defend him in court. But, in the early hours of the morning, a matter of hours after Anders Breivik had committed one of the worst massacres in European peacetime history, Geir Lippestad’s phone rang. The man who had just left Norway reeling from the impact of 77 murders, including 69 children, wanted Lippestad as his defence attorney. (more…)


5th Week escapism: Indulging in Japan’s forgotten season

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you might have noticed that the country places a strong emphasis on its four seasons, and with good reason: each one has distinct characteristics that set it apart from others. This means people wanting to visit will inevitably face the question of when is the best time to go.  Many will advise against the hot and humid summer and instead suggest spring, for the famous cherry blossoms, or autumn, for its colorful foliage. But how about winter? It is often overlooked, but winter is actually a fantastic time to visit Japan. Here are ten reasons why: (more…)

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