Ten things I’ve learnt from my first term at Oxford

Having just finished my first term at Oxford, I thought I would share my eight weeks’ worth of wisdom with the world.

1. Sleeping is important. I don’t mean this in a ‘good for your health’ type of way – although that still stands. What I mean is, don’t expect to have a solid eight hours every night and don’t expect to be able to function all through the day. When an opportunity to sleep comes your way, take it.You don’t know when you will have another one.



VIDEO Interview with Lizo Mzimba

Best known to a generation as one of the longest-serving presenters of CBBC’s Newsround, Lizo Mzimba, now Entertainment Correspondent for the BBC, spared a few minutes to chat to The OxStu about children’s TV, his current job, and ways into journalism.


Oxford interviews: a guide for the perplexed

As the drag of Michaelmas term finally comes to an end, the Oxford hub becomes the scene for another group of students – the eager interviewees. In smart attire, freshly polished shoes, looking as academic as they will ever be, these dressed-to-impress newbies flood into Oxford with a mixed bag of nerves and excitement. To help them out, quick-fingered tweeters have been busy hashtagging their pearls of wisdom. In the spirit of interview-fever, we have selected a few of these gems to bring to you the ‘Top 10 Twitter Tips for an Oxford Interviewee’.

Twitter Square SEO

Interview: Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey doesn’t speak unless he has something important to say. This advice rings loudly in my ears as I apprehensively climb the Union staircase to meet the technology entrepreneur dubbed the “two-hit wonder”. For a man who turned 38 this week, Jack Dorsey already boasts – although I get the feeling boasting is not something that interests him – a breathtakingly impressive resume. Best known for co-founding Twitter and winning the Wall Street Journal’s prestigious Innovator of the Year award for technology, last night at the ‘Financial Times The 125’ flagship event he announced plans to take his second company, Square, global.



Profile: Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen knows he’s in the right job. “I’ve always loved telly,” he confesses, before reeling off a list of the comedies, dramas and documentaries he has the opportunity to watch before they air. Despite his meteoric assent through the television industry, Cohen still has a lot of time to spend in front of the small screen. Eighteen months in the job as the Director of BBC Television has not dented Cohen’s enthusiasm: “Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.”


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