Julian Baggini

Of food and philosophy: meeting Julian Baggini

You should never call yourself a philosopher.” Coming from the co-founder of The Philosopher’s Magazine, such an opening is surprising, to say the least. Instead, Julian Baggini, who has gone on to author numerous books aimed at a wide audience on topics as varied as personal-identity, ethics, and atheism, prefers to describe himself as simply “a writer.”  (more…)

Roberto looking sexy

Roberto Weeden-Sanz unopposed for President

Roberto Weeden-Sanz is unopposed to be Union President, sources within the Union have confirmed. He will take up his position in Trinity term.

Current Secretary Stuart Webber is unopposed to be Librarian, while former member of standing committee Robert Harris is unopposed to be Secretary. Antonia Trent, who has not yet held a position in the Union is unopposed to be Treasurer.

Only five candidates have nominated for the five positions on standing committee; David Browne, Cindy Yu, Verity Hubbard, Joel Nelson and Joe Fowles.

This election will be the first election to feature Re Open Nominations, meaning these candidates could potentially be RON’ed during the elections to be held on Friday of 7th week.

The OxStu understands that a potentially successful Senior Disciplinary Committee action against President Mayank Banerjee could also result in the election results being overturned, if his rules changes are found to be in breach of the Unions constitution.


Becky Howe wins OUSU Presidency

Becky Howe of TeamABC has won the position of OUSU President with 1343 votes, defeating rivals Will Obeney, of For Oxford and independent candidate Adam Roberts. Howe was previously JCR President of Pembroke College and  ran on a platform of promoting a “happy, healthy and cohesive Oxford.”

Cat Jones won a four way race with 719 votes against rivals  Flora Sheldon, Greg Auger and Eden Bailey.

Nick Cooper of For Oxford defeated independent candidate Danny Zajarias-Fainsod for the position of Vice President Graduates with 337 votes to 99.

Emily Silcock, Lucy Delaney and Ali Lennon were unopposed for the positions of Vice President, Charities and Communities, Vice President, Women and Vice President, Welfare and Equal Opportunities respectively.


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