Fire in Magdalen thought to be accident

A fire broke out in the Magdalen JCR games room on the evening of the 22nd October, prompting college authorities to threaten to close the room. While it was originally suspected that the fire was deliberately started, the Magdalen Dean has since emailed the JCR stating: “As far as we can tell this was an accident. Someone left a table tennis bat on top of a standing light, in contact with the light bulb. The light was subsequently turned on with the bulb burning the plastic on the bat.”


Wadham Matriculash out of control

Wadham freshers have “destroyed” a substantial amount of furniture and turned a rental house into a “bomb site” after a house party at a second year residence got out of control. The second year tenants of the house have set up a crowdfunding page at in order to pay for the damage caused, and have raised over £150 so far from 29 people. (more…)

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