Christ Church Alberto Pascual

Tensions continue over Christ Church accommodation

Christ Church students have criticised the Colleges handling of its accommodation crisis, complaining about last-minute rule changes and a lack of information.

Although the College has now secured alternative accommodation for those who would have been forced to live out next year due to the planned renovations of Peckwater Quad, changes to ballot regulations have caused unnecessary stress for students. (more…)

Trinity College

Trinity JCR axe “heteronormative” marriages

Trinity College JCR has voted to change their system for selecting College marriages after pressure from students and campaigners who labelled the existing system “heteronormative”. While College marriages will still be allocated by ballot, the new system will not privilege heterosexual marriages. Instead, the ballot will allocate students into pairs with no reference to gender. Trinity had previously voted not to change the random ballot, but allow an option to opt out from the system.


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