Liverpool F.C. at crisis point?

It has been a terrible week for Brendan Rodgers and his team. Having dropped out of the Champions League in lethargic fashion at home to Basel, they most recently suffered a 3-0 bruising defeat at arch-rivals Manchester United. There is no refuting that Liverpool are suffering a dip in form – dropping points at Premier-League minnows  Sunderland and Hull City and losing to Newcastle, Chelsea and Crystal Palace in three successive league games – but are last season’s title challengers looking at a much steeper road to recovery than some might think?


polo beginners

Oxford’s polo beginners bring home the trophy

Oxford University’s Polo Club has recently celebrated success in the Winter Challenge Tournament at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club with its newest recruits lifting their first trophy. The tournament saw the team compete under the floodlights in a 22-chukka extravaganza against the University of London, University of Kent and Royal Holloway University. (more…)


Squash: what’s all the fuss about?

Squash is usually thought of as a bit of a niche sport. It’s played in a large cube with a little rubber ball which both players alternately hit against the wall until one of them wins the point. Put like that, it probably sounds a little pointless. But there are so many different levels to squash, and at every level of play there’s something to enjoy. At the higher levels it’s often described as physical chess. It’s fast, fluid, intense, and tough. International squash players run approximately 1118 metres in the 16 and a half minutes the average squash game takes them to complete, with well over 500 changes of direction, whilst hitting the ball at speeds of up to 175 mph. During this they’re trying to outplay, outmanoeuvre, and outthink their opponents, so the description seems apt. But even as you filter down through to the beginner levels or are just playing for fitness, squash is challenging, enjoyable, interesting, and a little different to the standard fare.


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