Editorial team


Chris Allnutt & Laura Holden

Deputy Editors

Veronica Corsi
Dan Etches
Rowan Ferguson
Ruby Gilding
Lizzie Shelmerdine
Claire Sims

Online Editor

Josh Dernie

Chief Sub-editor

Taro Konishi-Dukes


Kyungjin Kim
Yolanda Shamash
Emma Woodcock

News Editors

Lottie Hayton
Thomas Shortall
Alex Oscroft (Deputy)

Comment Editors

Oliver Hirsch
Rosemary Shakerchi

Profile Editor

Lydia Earthy

Art & Lit Editors

Ella Holden
Minjie Su (Deputy)

Stage Editors

Megan Husain
Georgie Murphy
Katrina Gaffney (Deputy)

Screen Editors

Obianuju Enworom
Daniel Mahoney
Tara Snelling (Deputy)

Music Editors

Larissa Pullen
Madeleine Taylor

Fashion Editors

Sarah Bochicchio
Sonja Geldermans

Features Editors

Tom Gould
Robert Jackson
Fazle Chowdhury (Deputy)

Sports Editors

Grant Dalton
Adam Rhaiti (Deputy)


Sparsh Ahuja
Ezgi Demirors


Rebecca Charbonneau
Ben Davies



  1. Amelia Hamer

    30th October 2014 at 12:51

    Guys, how come I’m not on here

  2. Michael Lucero

    16th October 2015 at 21:59

    Greetings Editorial team, or whoever decides to read this e-note. My name is Michael Lucero. I am an international student from Denver, currently studying at Wycliffe. I recently attended a Cherwell meeting and wanted to inquire about modeling for the fashion section in their Publication. They turned me down, and responded that they had planned out all their sessions already. I am only here for the term, and would love some experience in fashion aspect or writing reviews for anything: movies, books, musicals, orchestras, fashion, anything and everything. Thank you!

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